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When I moved in here there was only one light bulb in this room. The 11 x 19 foot room is filled with many years of collecting and building.

(Panoramic photo of shop - click to open)

This was supposed to be a crawl space under the family room. When we had the house
built I had them dig it into basement. Probably the best $350 I ever spent on models.

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Some of these boxes are full of mint
kits and one of them is a lid only.

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For the first time all of my Oldsmobiles
are in one place. The top 2 cases are
Olds only, all 42 of them.

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There is a 57 J-2 powered 50 Olds,
a 1962 442 4 door sedan and a
1966 Hurst Hairy Olds.

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The 68,69 and 70 442 promos have
been mine since new and in real miles
have less then 50 miles on all three
having traveled from work to home.

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Here is a mixed bag, a 1982 Buick
Grand National, a 1956 Bel Air that
started out as a Nomad, a 1955
Ford Victoria and a 57 Black Widow.

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A 1955 Nomad custom and the Hot
Rod Magazine Special 1957
Plymouth Savoy high light this case.

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These are some of my all time favorite
kits. I think I like the 1961 Pontiac
Bonneville the best.

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More old boxes. I remember building
the PT boat back around 1955 or so.
There is a late model Chevy Panel
truck that I made from a Tahoe promo.

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Boat diorama and the west wall
of my shop. Details and more
photos of the ferry boat project
can be found here.

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The 1934 Ford school bus which is
scratchbuilt high light these medium
duty beauties.

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More medium duty trucks. My favorite
is the 41 Chevy wrecker. All of the
Seagrave fire engines are diecast.

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The 1955 Buick Century CHP and the
1962 Chrysler Newport Enforcer are
two of my favorite police cars.

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I built the Cessena (at the TOP of the
picture) during the blizzaed of 1978
when we were snowed in for 4 days.

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This is the south wall of the shop. It is
where I do my resin casting.It's also
a place to store more kits. The
Tri-Motor Ford is a balsa wood
kit covered with real corrugated

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There is an Edsel 4 door cab from the
DeSoto Cab Co. that I built for a same
kit night and a black 61 Impala with dual
four's on a 409.

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My box lid diorama

332 More Model Photos

(Note: Many of the models below have been depicted in national magazines; 55 times in the past 20 years.)

  • This web page, 1964 Seagrave, depicts Columbus Fire Department Engine 10 as it was from 1964 to about 1978. The engine was scratchbuilt with attention to detail from period photographs.

  • This web page, 13 cars and 29 carburetors, contains all of the models in my collection that have more than one carburetor on the engine. There are pictures of both the car and the engine.

  • This web page, My fleet of Black and Whites, contains all of the Police, Fire and emergency vehicles in my collection. The 2 fire engines are totally scratchbuilt.

  • The web page, Favorites. Of all of the models in my collection I like these the best for reasons noted under the picture.

  • This web page, Commercial Vehicles. depict the models in my commerical section. They are a combination of scratchbuilt, diecast and resin pieces I have built or modified to some degree.

  • Buicks Page. There are not too many Buick models kits made. Of the avaiable kits I have managed to make some of the more potent Buicks around.

  • This page contains some of my OLDSMOBILE collection. I like all the brands, Chevy Ford, Mopar and AMC but I worked at Oldsmobile dealerships from 1963 to 1974 and was there for all of the 442's and Hurst/Olds. I remember seeing the first 442 to come off the hauler. I'd like to share that collection with you.

  • The CHEVROLET page has a lot of different and unique models. Several have never been out of my shop.

  • My FORD page includes all of my built up 1957 Fords. I have 6 more 57's to build. Some of the older models in my collection are in this group.

  • The scratch built 1/25 scale Ferry Boat project.

  • Questions and comments about these projects are welcome. To send e-mail to Carl, click here.