Photographs Rates and Specifications

John & Carol Rees, Photographs
8278 Kennedy Rd.
Blacklick, Ohio 43004

Use of Photographs

Photographs may be purchased for one time use for either print or internet.
For web page use a "one time" use is for one year or fraction on one specific page.
Each use: $60.00. Application and payment must be made made BEFORE publication, either print or internet.
Additional uses of same photograph for the same organization are $25.00 per use.

Unlimited use of the same photograph for the same organization is $150.00. (Note: Prior payments for use of the photo do not credit if/when unlimited photo use is purchased.)

There is an additional charge for composite photos or photos that are modified to customer specifications.

Delivery of Photographs

Photographs are delivered as a digital file via internet.

Color balance and other minor adjustments are made at no additional charge. The file can be made to the printer's requirements or any specification needed. Delivery time is same day.

All orders must be in writing (e-mail OK) with the specific photo numbers and the specific use(s) listed.

Photo Credit

Published photographs must give photo credit (small but legible) for each photograph used.

Printed photos credit to read:"John E. Rees"
Internet photo credit to read: or as appropriate.

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