Winter Gala 2006

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Photos by Bob Hess

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Leslie Weilbacher, Jamie Weilbacher,
Lisa Hess and Marge Smigelski
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Roger Minner, Mary Kelly,
Mary and Frank Wickham
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Jimmie Vogt and St. Mary
Pastoral Assistant Jason Shanks
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Foday and Comfort Kenneh
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Stephen and Cynthia Skinner
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Current and ex-OSU Buckeye
footballers Jack Tucker, Ryan Hamby,
Andy Groom and Angelo Chattams
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Event Emcee and NewsCenter 6
Reporter Shannon McCormick
and Husband Tony Chapman
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William and Diane Randolph,
Susan and Tim Willeke
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Robert and Lisa Hess
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Wayne and Mary Jo Mally
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William Lenkey and St. Mary Pastor
Fr. Mark Hammond
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Jim and Kim Watkins, Julie and
Tony Lombardi, Vince Maite and
Christi Barbee
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G. Philip and JoAnn Hall
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Event Co-Chairpersons Kim
and Jim Watkins