St. Mary Church Structural Damage

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The entire roof and ceiling is supported by 7 or 8 very heavy scissors trusses (Google it). About a third of the way back
from the front of the church one of the trusses moved down about 4 inches on the north side. This is visible in photo #42.
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Oct 20 2016
11:39:33 am
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Deformation on the north side exterior brick
in the area where the truss moved
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Oct 20 2016
11:40:06 am
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North Wall moved a few inches from the choir loft
Oct 20 2016
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Cracks in the ceiling on both sides of the church
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Ceiling plaster fell above the organ
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Attic area above the alter
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Scissors trusses constructed with massive wood
timbers support the roof and rest on the brick walls
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Area where truss moved
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Oct 20 2016
11:15:49 am
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Oct 20 2016
11:17:56 am
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Oct 20 2016
11:19:08 am