San Diego Air & Space Museum

The Craftsmen who Restore the Classics

Between 1989 and December 1999 - 37 photos

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Ford 5AT on display in 2007

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The restoration crew poses in
front of the Ford Tri-motor in 1989.
The Project coordinator is Tim
Cunningham and the co-managers
are Charles Wheeler and Marshall

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The restoration crew poses
beside the tri-motor in 1991.
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The restoration crew poses
beside the tri-motor in 1994.
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Ongoing at the same time in 1994
was the restoration of a F4F-4.
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Shop area in 1994. Even half
complete, the tri-motor stands
out in the crowd.
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1994 close-up.
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1996 view showing the tail.
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1996 view with the landing gear
now installed.
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A close-up of the tail wheel
assembly in 1996.
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The photographer and his wife
pose for the camera in 1996.
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N-9637 nears completion in 1996,
locked in between the concrete
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Restoration supervisor, Tim
Cunningham works at his desk
with the tri-motor visible out
the window.
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The shadow of our MD-80 passes
over the roof of the SanDiego
Aerospace Museum at Balboa Park.
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Leonard Neun, draftsman.
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Paul Miller and Tim Cunningham,
working on layout for P-26 project.
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Jack stewart, retired Navy pilot.
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"Dutch" Foltz and Jim Mayes.
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Jim Mayes, Jack Stewart, Jerry Orr,
P-26 project manager.
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Phil Standley and Mile Alianelli,
L-19 project.
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"Dutch" Foltz.
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Karl Grettenberger and
Don Apperson.
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Gene Harper, engine shop manager.
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Ralph Hunt, engine shop
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Bill Myers, Paul Miller and
Jim Mayes, layout volunteers.
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David Costine with Ben Johnson
and Jack Barnes
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Gordon LaFond, shop volunteer.
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Bill Honakeri, "Stew" Stewart
and Dick Stafford.
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Phoenix Flight members
(also goes by other names).
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Ben Johnson and Jim Mayes.
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Paul Miller.
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Don Apperson and Gene Harper
in the engine shop.
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Len Neun.
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Jim Richmond.
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Phil Standley.
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December 1999 picture of
restoration shop group.
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Tim Cunningham, restoration
shop supervisor.
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